At Florèz we value the future environment and we see it as our responsibility to work with materials that are harmless during our entire process.

Introducing the CANDIANI denim

In our search for the best luxury denim we travel across the world.
We only use the best and the newest fabrics that are on the market.

Today Candiani is known as the greenest textile company in the blue world.

3D Denim Laser Wash

For the washing on the jeans we use the newest technology. Laser wash is an exceptional method which can create extraordinary jeans and reduce the environmental impact of this industry. In laser wash, there is no use of water, stones or sand to wash the jeans.

The wash is done by using laser which goes across the jeans and burns the wash into them. The process is very quick and the washes look amazing. This water-free technology can give a much wanted ‘distressed’ or ‘vintage’ look to the denim.

We always try to work with the best and most innovative fabrics.
Fabrics as Tencel and Modal, who give a soft feel to our product.

Modal is a substance made from modal fibers, consisting of natural raw materials (beech). It is a fiber which is compared with viscose, but has a higher strength, elongation modulus and a lower moisture absorption.

Tencel (lyocell) is a substance that is extracted from wood pulp. This is done in an environmentally friendly manner. The properties of the fiber are very similar to that of viscose, but the fabric is stronger, softer and crease less.