Florèz, an authentic Dutch brand


Amsterdam is ‘Denim capital of
the world’ and where the roots
of Floréz lie. since 2017
Florèz provides denim lover with
sustainable designs and
they do so to this day
with love.
New Producer

We are a family

Collaboration is the key to success in for this family-run business. With over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry and its own production workshop, Florèz has a steady base to build a sustainable brand. The invaluable knowledge and expertise Cengiz brings to the table, passionate professionals, and a young, driven couple at the helm in the Netherlands, provide the key to success.

The tulip in the Florèz logo represents a valuable gift once given to the Dutch king by the Turkish sultan. This small gesture blossomed into what ultimately gave rise to the gigantic Dutch tulip industry or ‘tulip mania’, as it became known.

The family relationship creates trust and creativity. Working together ensures that we never stop and continue to innovate! Florèz’ iconic designs are progressive, without ever losing sight of the classic fit.

Fit Your Florèz

Florèz has different fits for each unique body type. Our partner stores will be happy to help you find your perfect fit! You can also always contact our customer service
[email protected] or call +31 (0)35-5312345.

Independent production

The vast majority of the collection is produced in our own production workshop, which is rare in the fashion industry. This enables us to produce on a small scale and avoid having excess stock.

We work with transparency and expect the same from our suppliers. Quality design starts with selecting the fabric.

Direct lines of communication with dedicated professionals, advanced machinery and good working conditions enable us to create high-quality, sustainable collections over and over again.



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