How to Make Your Jeans Last Longer

It’s our job to create high quality jeans and it’s up to the customer to extend their life. Denim is durable but it still needs to be handled with care. If you follow these tips you can extend the life of your pair of FLORÈZ jeans. This way you contribute to a greener world and safe money.

1. Avoid washing after every wear: Jeans look better when washed infrequently and you save water and energy. If you normally wash it every week, try two weeks instead. To be honest: once a month should be enough! If there is some dirt consider using a wet towel.
2. You should wash your jeans! People generally fall into two camps: those who think that you should never wash your jeans, and those that think they need to wash it after every wear. If you never wash your jeans the dirt and bacteria can be harmful for the fabric.
3. Wash your jeans inside out and use cold water, it will help avoid shrinking and keeps the color pretty.
4. Don’t dry jeans in the dryer, hang your jeans instead to keep the shape!
5. If you pull on your jeans, don’t use the belt loops otherwise it can rip.