Care instructions denim

Once you’ve invested in premium quality denim, you want to take care of it and keep it forever. Our Jeans are made by the newest laser technologies and are 100% ecofriendly. Together we have to create a better world and that’s why we care! We wanted to come up with fashion in which nobody loses.

We produce our trousers with love. Please make sure that you understand this and take good care of it.

The 5 rules for washing denim

  1. Don’t wash your jeans as regular as you would wash your other clothes.
  2. Turn your jeans inside-out before putting it in the washing machine.
  3. Add a small amount of gentle detergent for dark colours and wash at maximum 30°C or even cold.
  4. Ready? Turn right-side-out and air-dry
  5. We beg you: don’t use fabric softener and never put your jeans in a dryer. It will damage the fabric.