Wild Wild West A/W 2019 collection

Florez aw 2019

“Are we ready for some wild, wild West in our wardrobes?” Turns out the answer is a resounding “yes. This autumn / winter 2019 – 2020 collection we show how working clothes became fashion items.

The history of trousers is long and colorful and Hollywood helped romanticise working trousers in the ’20s and ’30s by putting the trousers on handsome cowboy types. This glamorous new image spoke to consumers who sought casual leisurewear to wear at the weekends and on holidays.

Today we still love to own a perfect pair of trousers reflecting the nostalgic charm and comfort. Among the key pieces, we worked with 70’s inspired corduroy, wide leg trousers and joyful trims. A classic collection in a modern update.”