Fit guide

The slim fit jeans are a variant of the skinny jeans. The pants are a bit tighter at the thighs and run narrow. Due to the amount of stretch that Florèz slim fit pants have, these jeans are also very comfortable!

The flared/bootcut is a model that is a bit tighter at the thighs and buttocks and then flares out. This is a pretty feminine shape in itself, but the Florèz flared makes you feel like a woman. We have a new variant, the Ana Flared.

Straight fit jeans have a timeless fit because they fall straight down. In addition, the jeans fall at normal hip height and there is always a little space between the legs. So comfortable. Shop the Rowie Straight with us to experience the straight fit through and through.

Loose fit jeans therefore fit loosely, much looser than, for example, slim fit jeans. So jeans that are really comfortable. The loose fit is ideal if you're not a fan of tight jeans and you have wide thighs. Take a look at the Jacky Jo with us.

The relaxed fit jeans are a somewhat straighter model and are generally slightly wider. This means you don't have to wriggle around to get it on or off. The relaxed fit jeans are ideal for women with a wide hip and legs. New in our collection is the July Mom fit.