about Florèz

We try to make the life of the modern woman easier & more fashionable.
Florèz does this by making jeans with the ideal fit for every figure. Different fits in combination with the softest fabrics. The careful choice of these soft stretch qualities ensures an extremely high wearing comfort. Pants that finally fit really well!

Since 2017, Florèz has grown into an international fashion brand with points of sale in several countries. Because we make timeless products, but also bring innovation to every collection, Florèz remains recognizable and sustainable.

Heading for Dual Content Tiles

We are a family

Collaboration is the key to success in the family business. With more than 40 years of experience in the fashion industry and its own production workshop, Florèz has a steady basis to build a sustainable brand. The valuable knowledge of passionate professionals and a young, driven couple at the helm in the Netherlands are the key to success.

Doing business together ensures that we never stand still, but continue to create and innovate. This way, Florèz's iconic designs continue to surprise you without you noticing this from the familiar fit.

Heading for Dual Content Tiles


We represent the Dutch authenticity and pride that we want to convey through our clothing with the tulip.
The Florèz tulip can be found on every product in the buttons, as an embroidery or just as a logo in the label.
The tulip represents a valuable gift that the Turkish sultan once gave to the Dutch king. From this small gesture the gigantic Dutch tulip industry was born and eventually the 'tulip mania'.


Feel Florèz

To understand Florèz and to experience the nice feel of our clothing, you have to feel it and try it on. In a world where everything is becoming more and more digital and people feel less and less real, we want to go back to basics. touch our fabrics, immerse yourself in our product and feel how nice it can be to invest in a good product.

Florez's tip?
"Go on your gut and believe in yourself!"