The best tips for washing your Florèz Jeans

De beste tips voor het wassen van je Florèz Jeans

Everyone has jeans that fit perfectly, but how does this item stay good for as long as possible? Read below how to turn this into a sustainable item that you can enjoy for a long time:

  1. Check the washing label: Check this care label before washing. It contains specific instructions from the manufacturer that you must follow.
  2. Limit the number of washes: Jeans do not need many washes. Wash your jeans only when absolutely necessary. Better for the fabric and also better for the environment, because less water is wasted!
  3. Wash your clothes at a cold or lukewarm temperature: Hot temperatures can cause the color to fade or the fabric to shrink. A short washing program is always better.
  4. Wash your pants inside out, better for the fabric!
  5. Try to avoid the dryer: Excessive heat can damage the fabric and cause the jeans to shrink. It is best to let your pants air dry.
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