Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim
Every month, a Florèz employee writes a blog about his or her favorite item, trend or collection. We kick off this series with Mila! Within the team, Mila is involved in Florèz's PR and maintains collaborations with influencers. Today she tells us more about her favorite trend: Denim on Denim.
I love denim! Jeans are an indispensable part of my wardrobe, they are the most accessible and versatile piece of fabric. Very cliché, but it is a very easy item that you can wear casually, but is also great for a night out. I do this myself by combining my Florèz with a heel and a nice blazer. And nowadays responding to the trend of now, I combine my jeans with a jeans jacket and I go for a full denim look! Denim on Denim creates a trendy, but also edgy look.
When I put together a denim-on-denim outfit there are a few things I take into account, including the colors. Because of my Caribbean roots I like to wear light tops, this colors better with my skin color and light eyes, so the Florèz jacket light blue is my favorite! To make my legs look longer, I opt for dark denim, the flared dark blue for example.

Denim jackets are timeless anyway and can be worn almost all year round, they are perfect to combine with the same color jeans for a matching suit. And for the summer when it cools down a bit in the evening, it can be worn with a denim dress or short denim shorts.

So my tip with this column is: dare to go for a Denim on Denim look. I'm sure you'll steal the show!

Love, Mila

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